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This course set applies to individuals who are responsible for assessing and manually felling basic and intermediate trees, as well as trimming and cutting felled or fallen trees with a chainsaw. Individuals will learn to visually assess the job activity; correctly identify areas of compression and tension in logs; learn different cut types; and how to plan the sequences of cuts accordingly, assess, plan and safely carry out manual felling of  trees with a level of complexity that requires significant tree assessment and practical felling skills. Individuals will also develop the skills and knowledge required to conduct routine and periodic servicing for fuel or electrically powered hand-held chainsaws including dismantling, cleaning, inspecting and re-assembling the power head and cutting attachments.

Units Delivered

The following units will be included in your certificate:

FWPCOT2254 - Maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2256 - Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT2253 - Fell trees manually (basic)
FWPFGM3216 - Fell trees manually (intermediate)

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered/assessed in the workplace or at facility organised by the training provider.

Course Durations

Course durations can vary for multiple reasons, so the durations below are the minimum possible amount.

Refresher Face to Face contact time of at least 26 Hours
Face-to-Face Face to Face contact time of at least 30 Hours

An individual undertaking this course with Allens Training Pty Ltd will need to demonstrate the following to be eligible for entry:

  • The visual acuity and manual dexterity to disassemble a chainsaw, sharpen the chain and other components and reassemble the serviced chainsaw components
  • The physical capacity to use a chainsaw whilst wearing the appropriate PPE to fell basic trees
  • Basic skills to interpret and complete workplace documentation, using technical and workplace specific vocabulary; and consult and coordinate with team members and other appropriate personnel to ensure chainsaw maintenance activities are completed as well as the numeracy skills to calculate ratios and measure quantities of oils and fuels
  • It is recommended students wear lace up steel boots, chain saw trousers or chaps and a three in one helmet (hard hat, hearing protection and visor)

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

This certificate does not require renewal

Please note that enrolment to this course is made with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Please refer to the student handbook located on the RTO website ( for all details relating to rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals.

Performance Tasks:

  • Maintain chainsaw (routine and periodic)
  • Check and sharpen two chainsaw chains
  • Fell four (4) basic trees
  • Fell six (6) intermediate trees
  • Conduct trimming and cutting on six (6) felled trees, demonstrating a minimum of three (3) different cut types
  • Complete relevant workplace records and forms

 Theory Assessment:

  • A written assessment consisting of multiple-choice and short answer questions.
This course is delivered and assessed on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909